So, you’ve worked hard and done well in your life to be able to drive home that thing of envy, your prized luxury car. Owning a luxury car can tell a lot about your personality as every brand has a special meaning.

But having bought one, you’ve invested a considerable amount of your wealth into it. What’s next? Well, the thing about having a luxury car is simple, you either own one or you crave one. But the thing about maintaining one, not quite so.

Most luxury cars aren’t delicate, just complex constructions which is why they demand a little extra attention. Your ride cannot afford to look average, perform average because it is a reflection of you. From aesthetics to performance, it’s got to be perfect, all the time. So, to be able to maintain that huge goofy smile on your face, it is imperative you be both cautious and pragmatic about its care and maintenance.

Periodic Maintenance Is Indispensable

Conducting timely maintenance ensures that the performance capabilities aren’t compromised with and your car has a ticket to a long life. Even if your “VADDIGADDI” does not see much time on the road, it is still essential. A good annual service package takes care of the engine oil, basic filters and essential fluids’ requirements of your car as specified in the owners’ manual.

Aesthetics Cannot Be Neglected

For the most visible asset of yours, you cannot afford to be frivolous about its looks. A little pampering your car every now and then goes a long way in boosting the value you derive from it. Over time, the paint of your car might appear to have lost its sheen. A reputed detailing studio can always help restore the original look of the car for you. To suggest one better, a quality ceramic coating/PPF (paint protection film) on your new car can preserve that virgin look of the exteriors for years. Timely interiors’ cleaning and sanitization are imperative considering harsh Indian conditions as you spend most of your time there.

Repairs Precede Replacement

Although the concept of repairs is not very prevalent at most authorized dealerships, actually quite a lot of stuff is repairable, even with these mean machines. Dents on the body are quite a common sight in busy metro traffic. Suspension, brakes, A/C units are other common items that wear over time. Always consult an expert before proceeding with any replacements. If it isn’t too late, repairs will be quite easier on your pocket.

Also, since a lot of software is built into these cars, you might encounter warning indications on the dashboard screen. In any event, take your car to a trusted, capable garage with adequate equipment to have those addressed on priority. Fortunately, you’re driving a smart vehicle and under most circumstances, it will let you know when it needs professional attention.

In the end, how your car treats you will most likely depend on how you handle it and whom you choose to trust with its maintenance.

Take care!

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