“Getting A Prized Possession Is Tough, Keeping It Is Even Tougher”

Luxury cars naturally demand an extra bit of love and effort to maintain. And now, when the lockdown has disrupted the routine once again, taking care of your ride can be somewhat challenging. However, with some important tips handy, you can pretty much take basic care of your luxury car even during the lockdown on your own. Want to know how? Read along!

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Keep Up The Condition Of Your Luxury Car  

Start With The Basics

So while you’re locked up with your beauty, do make sure to give it a wash at least once a week. It’s the best way to prevent dust from settling on exteriors. If you already have a layer or two of a good quality ceramic/nano-coating installed on your car, it’s going to be effortless as they are great dust and water repellents. Besides that, you also need to turn on the ignition (engine) and make sure to give the car some movement for e.g. back and forth every other day. It’ll help prevent any flat spots on your tires which might be the case otherwise and render them useless.

Interiors Are Super Important

The world sees your car from the outside but while using it, you’ll mostly find yourself on the inside. That’s why the shape of the upholstery and the hygiene inside should matter to the owner a great deal. Most owners are quite particular about the cleanliness but the effects of Covid-19 on our daily lives have shown that they can never take a chance with the interior hygiene of their luxury car. It should be clear of any food junk as that may attract rodents that can damage the upholstery. Also, turning on the AC for about 10 mins every 3-4 days ensures no dust settles inside the ducts. Make it a point to roll down the window panes, open the side mirrors and the sunroof. Giving these items necessary movement prevents them from jamming or any squeaking sounds that may occur. To protect the leather upholstery, try to park the car in a covered parking space otherwise always use a good car cover to save it from direct sunlight if you’re parking outside.

The Don’t Overlook The Battery

Leaving your luxury car to sit idle for long can cause your battery to discharge. The problem could be more prominent if the battery is already a couple of years old as its ability to hold charge decreases over time. You obviously don’t want to be running around for jump-starters when it’s all over and you’re raring to take your beauty out for a spin. And batteries for luxury cars don’t come cheap, hence it’s important to be considerate of its health. If the car is going to be unattended for long, you can choose to disconnect the battery by simply removing its terminals. This will prevent its discharging. Alternately, it helps if you keep the engine on for about 15 mins every second or the third day as mentioned before.

Keep The Electricals Safe From Rodents

Luxury cars these days are heavily built on software which means that the entire wiring system is a lot more extensive on them compared to regular mass segment cars. When left unattended in the garage for longer periods, there’s a risk of rodents making inroads into the engine compartment. To address this, make an effort to ensure that the garage or your parking area isn’t too susceptible to such creatures. In our experience, there have been many incidents in the past where a rat chewing into the wiring had put owners back by a couple of lacs.

A luxury car is a dream for many. And if you’re lucky enough to be living this dream, make sure to attend to it in the best way possible. While you might not be using it much given the situation, it demands slightly more attention on your part during such times. It’s a myth that the regular maintenance of luxury cars is expensive. It’s only when we turn a blind eye, that a system or two goes kaput and that might ultimately burn a hole in your pocket.

The above tips/pointers can help you maintain your luxury car in a DIY-manner. However, when the lockdown ends and if you notice anything amiss in the vehicle, don’t hesitate to send it to a reputed maintenance service provider just to be sure of everything. For that purpose, you can always reach out to us, VADDIGADDI if required. We’ve always got your back!