Luxury Car Spa

Recommended Every 3-4 Months

Over time, in harsh weather conditions, the exteriors of the car take a beating. Paint starts appearing dull and gives an illusion that it has lost its sheen. Luxury Car Spa is a restoration process that brings back the showroom finish on the exteriors along with deep cleaning and sanitization of the interiors. With that, aesthetics and hygiene are taken care of for months altogether.

Ceramic Coating

Recommended On Brand New Cars

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by an expert hand on the exteriors and interiors of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the surface it is applied to, forming a shield-like layer after it dries. Apart from being economical, it saves you the hassle of frequent visits to the detailing studio every couple of months. Our ceramic-coatings are the world’s best and come with years of warranty which make your every penny spent worthwhile. If you’d want to preserve that virgin look of your beauty for years, this is for you.

Peelable Paint

Transform Your Luxury Car

Bored of the factory paint job on your car? Create a buzz in your circle by transforming the exterior look of your majesty. Peelable-paint is applied like normal spray paints but forms a peelable layer on top of the factory finish once dry. The result is a secondary layer more durable than conventional wraps and impossible to tell. The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with the base paint and one can always peel it off and revert to the original color anytime. If you’re the explorer type, you’d love this.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Recommended On Brand New Cars

Remember the moment you bought yourself an expensive phone and immediately visited an accessories shop for a screen guard. A PPF is a similar guard for your luxury car’s exterior paint, a thin durable sheet of polyurethane which looks like plastic but in fact isn’t. The thickness of a quality PPF exceeds that of a ceramic coating considerably and hence it lasts much longer and is of self-healing nature. Let nothing get in the way of your luxury car’s beauty.

Periodic Service

Every 10k-12k kms or 365 days

We’ve all heard that adage, ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’. Well, that’s exactly what a periodic service is to your luxury car, preventive maintenance. Timely service helps keep the heart of the car i.e. the engine, healthy. An able team of technicians also helps raise any red flags with respect to other functionalities which might otherwise remain unknown to the owner.


As and when due

Running repairs refers to jobs that are required with your luxury car clocking a certain mileage. Brake-pads an ideal example of this. Worn-out brake pads have to be replaced mandatorily. Sometimes, the brake rotors too may require turning/replacement. Never compromise with a brake-job as it is a critical aspect of the car’s and the occupants’ safety.


As and when due

Your luxury car is a complex construction of mechanics and electronics. Your beauty is an assembly of approximately 40,000 different parts. It is imperative that with utility and passage of time, some parts tend to wear out or become faulty. It is important that you address such issues when they are small. After a diagnose, we can advice you whether a repair-job/replacement is necessary.

Denting & Painting

As and when due

We all hate this but it is something tough to evade especially on Indian roads. Minor hits are common in congested metro traffic. Sometimes, a dent in your car can prove to be a dent in your image too, the latter is actually a costly affair. Keep such blots on your luxury car in check with our world-class paint jobs which come with life-time warranty and at a fraction of your dealership’s cost.

VADDIGADDI offers Personalised Luxury Car Maintenance

Do you drive something like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Mini, etc? If yes, then we are here to make your experience being a proud luxury car owner, convenient affordable and a meaningful one.

No more being manipulated at the hands of cunning service advisors or visiting expensive authorized service centres. We devise solutions like how our clients want them. We know your time is more valuable than your money but your peace-of-mind is priceless.

So, name it and leave the rest to us!

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